CVC   Circulation Verification Council 

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Circulation and Readership Audits may be provided to members, free of charge.

The audits will provide valuable information about each publication and the group that will be essential in securing regional and national advertising.


Promoting Your Audit

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Promoting Your Audit
To get the biggest return on your investment, make sure you promote your audit, and allow CVC to help. It's easy and it's free. All of these audit promotion programs are included in the cost of your audit, so feel free to use what works for your publication. Review the samples below to see what other publishers have done to promote the information provided by CVC.
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SITE SWAN Websites

SITE SWAN Websites
Site swan

New! SiteSwan Local Prospecting Tool

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Take a sneak peak at our NEW Local Prospecting Tool that lets you generate unlimited local leads and is built directly into the SiteSwan Platform. One more way the SiteSwan platform helps you grow a successful web design business. Available on the Agency Plan and Pro Plan Plan only.

SiteSwan Website Builder

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SiteSwan – With the first ever website builder that was designed specifically for local print publishers, SiteSwan lets you design and maintain websites for any small business quickly, easily, and profitably. It literally takes minutes to create beautiful, efficient and affordable websites for your advertisers and local businesses.
The market potential for web design and redesign for small businesses is huge and extremely profitable and now print publishers can finally tap in. SiteSwan allows you to utilize your current staff and doesn’t require any additional resources or tech know-how to build beautiful websites. Leverage your relationship with current advertisers, discover new clients and build a recurring revenue stream with huge margins.
Publishers typically earn $300 – 800 upfront and an additional $50-85/ month, per website they build. Their cost…only $6/ month per site, with no upfront fees. AMAZING!

Justin Gerena
P.O. Box 704
N. Bellmore, NY 11710
888-592-3212 x710

Innovative Publishing Solutions

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SmartPublisher™ is an intuitive system that empowers publishers to increase revenue by minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency. SmartPublisher™, is a cross-platform, ad management software suite that offers CRM (contact relations management), order entry, production trafficking, billing and extensive reporting.  Please visit us at

Pre1 Software has 15 years of experience designing and building software for newspapers, magazines and digital publications. Our product, SmartPublisher™, is a cross-platform, ad management software suite that offers contact relations management, order entry, production trafficking, billing and extensive reporting.
Using the technologies of today, Pre1 continues to innovate for the future. The company’s agile development philosophy ensures the software can adapt to current demands faced by publishers of newspapers, magazines and digital publications. Pre1 provides award-winning customer service to the more than 350 titles that rely on SmartPublisher™ to streamline business processes, share critical information and succeed.


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David Crawford

Become a SiteSwan Website Reseller in Your Hometown

Start or grow your own business. Make money selling websites to small businesses in your area. Join our White Label Reseller Program today - no experience needed.
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The Villages MEDIA GROUP

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Randy Rolfe
Commerical Print Manager


Hub Citi

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Carol Evanicky

Community Papers of Michigan

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Jack Guza


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Little fish BIG Ocean Inc.


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Lou Ann Sornson

COMMUNITY delivered

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Mark Thompson

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Plastic Bags
Promotional Items


941-650-5702 CELL

Circulation Verification Council

Contact CVC at


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Rob Hage

Complete Vertical Website Solutions & Data Management Service

800-944-3276  ext 206
605-359-1670  cell

JB Multimedia - IFPA / SAPA Nashville Conference Video 3

Justin from JB Multimedia looks back at the long history he's had of attending IFPA & SAPA Conferences. He explains the advantages of JB's Page-Flip Digital Editions (increased CVC circulation) and looks forward to meeting with publishers at the September 2010 IFPA / SAPA joint conference in Nashville TN

Little Fish Big Ocean

Contact Little Fish Big Ocean at

A Perspective 101 Series

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Special Training Program offered by State and Regional Associations

561-372-5922 office
863-634-8499 cell


SiteSwan Reseller Interview with Dan Black: Learn How One SiteSwan Reseller is on track for 100 Sites Sold in his First Year

FREE Community Papers

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Because sometimes the world is...
...right where you live.
"74.4% of Community Paper Readers Make Their Buying Decisions from Free Paper Advertising and Editorial Content."

FREE PAPERS In your home every week.....
97.4% receivership
75.8% readership
76.6% of readers 

make their buying decisions from
free newspaper advertising and editorial.

All Paperchain Members Have Audited Circulation

Media decision makers responsible for planning and placing print advertising, know CVC is an impartial and trusted source for information regarding market penetration and readership in an ever- changing industry.


Ncpbannerb3 499x25520161103 6769 te26y3 will help you find the right cruise or vacation to fit your individual interests and budget. We have access to all the major suppliers at prices that will rival any other sources.
To discuss your travel needs with one of our travel advisers, just ask for Cassey Recore or Loren Colburn and let us take the guess work out of putting together your travel plans.

SiteSwan FAST Web Design

Watch how quickly a beautiful, search-engine optimized website can be built on the SiteSwan system.


NCMA Benefits

  • Research and Information
NCMA monitors, evaluates and analyzes trends affecting the community newspaper industry through annual research conducted in partnerships.  NCMA  often shares promotions and presentation materials from its members to use in their communities. 
  • Content provided by members
NCMA provides its members with content they can reprint in their papers or on their websites.
  • Great Ideas
The best and brightest publishers have made the Great Ideas session at Conventions a huge hit for more than a many decades.  And, members are encouraged to submit and share their great ideas at any time to grow this valuable resource.
  • Promotions
Promote your community newspapers with these shared house ads. House ads from other sources are also presented.
  • Tools and Training
The Internet has a vast number of free resources that can be of use to community newspaper publishers, editors, advertising staff, photographers — everyone involved in producing quality community newspapers. 

Assoc. Members    Join Us !

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All Paperchain Members
Have Audited Circulation
Media decision makers responsible for planning and placing print advertising, know CVC is an impartial and trusted source for information regarding market penetration and readership in an ever- changing industry.

Association Members of Paperchain

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  • AFCP Association of Free Community Papers
• The largest National Classified Network - NANI
• Over 2,000 Publications throughout North America
• Representing over 20 million households weekly and monthly
Ask about the NANI Network and current specials
Only $1,795 for 20 words throughout all North America! Suggested retail price.
Call toll free: 877-203-2327
CPF Community Papers of Florida
• 100 Member Publications
• Reaching over 3.8 million households weekly
Only $395 for 25 words throughout Florida!
Call: 352-347-4470
Fax: 352-347-3384
CPM Community Papers of Michigan
• 101 Member Publications
• Reaching 2,141,163 households weekly
MegaMarket State-wide Advertising Network:
Only $249 for 25 words throughout Michigan!
Zoned preprint and display advertising available by publication, DMA, or entire network through our office.
Call toll free: 800-783-0267
CPNE Community Papers of New England
• 70 Member Publications throughout the 6 New England States of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island
• Reaching over 1 million households weekly
Ask about CPNE's Classified Special
Only $170 for 25 words throughout New England!
Call toll free: 877-423-6399
Fax: 978-287-5046
FCPNY Free Community Papers of New York
• AdNetworkNY
• 280 Member Publications
• Reaching over 3.4 million households weekly
Offering Zoned and Statewide Classified Coverage
Classified: Only $489 for a 25 word ad throughout NY!
Display and Insert advertising also available. Reach our full
circulation of more than 3.4 million homes or we can zone your
message to select areas throughout the state.
Call toll free: 877-275-2726
Fax: 877-790-1976
Email Tom at:
IFPA Independent Free Papers of America
• Over 140 Member Publications
• Throughout the United States & Canada
Reaching over 11 million households weekly
Only $729 for 15 words nationwide!
Call:413-525-3247 x102
Email: or
Classified Brochure (PDF)
MACPA Mid Atlantic Community Papers Association
• 300 Member Publications
• Throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
• Reaching over 5.1 million households weekly
Ask about MacNet's "Total Network" Advertising Special
Classified: Only $475 for 20 words throughout 8 states!
Display: Only $4,250 for 2 a col. x 2" ad
Partial network buys, inserts and online opportunities are also available.
Call toll free: 800-450-7227
Fax: 610-743-8500
Classified Brochure (PDF)
MFCP Midwest Free Community Papers
• 150 Publications
• 10 States (Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri)
• Reaching over 3 million households weekly
Ask about MFCP's Classified Special
Only $249 for 30 words or less
Iowa, Minnesota, East or West zones $169.00 for 30 words or less!
Call toll free: 800-248-4061
Fax: 319-341-4358
Classified Brochure (PDF)
PNAWAN - Pacific Northwest Association of Want Ads Newspapers
• 43 Publications
• Over 707,000 net circulation in Washington, Oregon & Idaho
Ask about PNAWAN's Classified Special
Only $199 for 30 words or less
Iowa, East and West zones $159.00 for 30 words or less!
SAPA Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association
• 89 Member Publications
• 12 States (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia)
• Reaching over 4 million households weekly
Ask about SAPA's "Total Network" Classified Special
Only $349 for a 6 line ad!
Call toll free: 931-223-5708
Fax: 888-450-8329
Classified Brochure (PDF)
SACP/SWAN The Southwestern Association of Community Publications and The SouthWest Association Network
• 1 Member Publishing Groups
• Reaching 1.4 million households weekly and over 2 million monthly
$199 per week for 25 words
Call toll free: 520-620-9619
TCNA Texas Community Newspaper Association
• 100 Member Publications
• Reaching approximately 3 Million households weekly
Ask about TEXCAP's "Statewide" Advertising Specials
Classified: Only $225 for 25 words throughout Texas
Office: 931-698-4096
Fax: 888-450-8329
Executive Director: Douglas Fry
WCP Wisconsin Community Papers
• 81 Member Publications
• Reaching 1.6 million households weekly
Inquire about WCP's - Wisconsin Community Advertising Network (WCAN)
Ask about WCP's "Statewide Classified Network"
Classified Brochure
Discover WCAN's 2x2 and 2x4 Statewide and Zoned Display Network
Display Brochure
Check out WCP's Current Statewide Audit with Readership Facts and Buying Trends
WCP's CVC Audit
Call toll free: 800-727-8745
Fax: 920-922-0861
Executive Director, Janelle Anderson:

Become a Partner, Add your Association... and be a part of this Special Alliance.

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