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SAPA Today Newsletter

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Flip through the Digital Edition of SAPAToday online right now, courtesy of JB Multimedia.

Paperchain Promo Ads

Join Paperchain to support out industry.

IFPA Promo Ads

Promote your Association by using these ads.

Promote Your CVC Audit

Promo Ads to promote your CVC Audit

SAPA Color Promotional Ads

Color Promotional Ads

IFPA -  House Ads & Flyers to Promote Community Papers!

A PDF containing several ads that you can use in your paper promoting the value of Community Papers compared to daily papers. These ads will also make great flyers/hand-outs for your Sales Team.


Download "ifpa_rock_solid.pdf"

PNAWAN Newsletter

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MACPA Messenger
Mid-Atlantic Community Papers

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"The Insider" newsletter 

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"The Insider" newsletter includes information of upcoming events, reports on happenings past and future, industry news and more.

MFCP  Paper Clip Newsletter

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Stay up-to-date with the Midwest Free Papers by reading the current and past flip edition issues of Paper Clips, the MFCP newsletter.

WCP Newsletter

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INFORMER  Newsletter

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FCPNY publishes an informative newsletter. We invite you to download any of our recent editions.


CPF News

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Monthly News Publication of Community Papers of Florida