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A Golden Opportunity Jan Video

Why Web Notifications Are an Essential Tool For Getting More From Your Web Traffic

Hey marketers, are you getting the most out of your web traffic? Web push notifications can boost response rates by 10x. Learn more about web notifications and get started for free today at

Your Sales Plan

How do you help a new hire succeed in sales?

Steve Bookbinder, CEO of DM Training, shares best practices and training tips for managers who are looking to get new hires up-to-speed and actively producing sales.

Innoventiva Studios - Professional Explainer and Promo Video Company

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Intro To Free Papers

Here is a video that was created in 1994 showing where the Free Community Paper industry was heading. It's interesting to see how far we've come. The fashions have changed but the dynamic industry has only improved with age.

NCMA BLOG Overview

Free Information and Materials A Sample of Our Blog with an additional 10-20 new articles added each week.

Our Favorite Christmas Movie Montage

We LOVE Christmas movies, and what better way to celebrate that than to put together a montage of our favorite movies. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

IFPA Fall Conference

2017 Annual Conference heads to NEW YORK CITY!
September 28-30th 2017IFPA Goes To New York

Join your friends for an historic conference on September 28-30 in the Big Apple.


Trailer for 2017 AFCP Conference

AFCP and Industry Leadership

AFCP takes a leadership role in the free paper industry.

It's Time!



AdNetwork Classified Ads are a a great advertising value, a product of Free Community Papers of NY.
Reach us at

How to Place Classified Ads in The Franklin Shopper

How to Place Classified Ads in The Franklin Shopper

Songs of the Free Paper Industry

Justin & Robert of JB Multimedia share songs they found about the Free Paper Industry...

INK Magazine

Read INK Magazine

Advertise with the Genesee Valley Penny Saver!

Karen Rumfola from Livingston and Wyoming United Way and Sandy Konfederath from Genesee ARC tell us why they love the Genesee Valley Penny Saver!


Washington Family Magazine

Kidsville News at the Lehigh Valley Mall, #Lehigh Valley #Allentown

Kidsville News at the Lehigh Valley Mall, #Lehigh Valley #Allentown

The Marketeer Circulation & Readership Audit

The Circulation Verification Council recently completed and audit on The Marketeer's circulation numbers and how our magazine is used by its readers. They delivered a treasure trove of related statistics on reader demographics and purchasing plans that can help The Marketeer's advertising clients with their marketing decisions.

Schaffner Publications

Contact Schaffner Publications at

AFCP - Rising Stars 

Franklin County Fair Guide 2015

June 2015 - In this week's Franklin Shopper, the Franklin County Fair Guide is available. Inside you'll find the fair schedule, admission information, and other fair happenings. View online at under the Special Sections Tab.

JB Multimedia - IFPA / SAPA Nashville Conference Video 3

Justin from JB Multimedia looks back at the long history he's had of attending IFPA & SAPA Conferences. He explains the advantages of JB's Page-Flip Digital Editions (increased CVC circulation) and looks forward to meeting with publishers at the September 2010 IFPA / SAPA joint conference in Nashville TN

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IFPA and SAPA in New Orleans 2012

It was party time in New Orleans for publishers and staff of Independent Free Papers of America (IFPA) and Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (SAPA). The shopper and newspaper people paraded down Canal and Bourbon streets, enroute to a night at The Swamp, Sept 20, 2012. The evening was arranged by Tim and Sue Bingman of CVC, the Circulation Verification Council.

Yorktown PennySaver Classifieds

Buy Something. Sell Something. Do Something. Share Something. Reach almost 5,000,000 homes throughout New York State.

At Home with the Moneysaver!

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Get in the Game with the Moneysaver

Another Video from the Moneysaver Magaine. Your local Treasure Coast savings magazine. Be sure to drop by our blog at

To provide Resources....Please use the Form Below.
We look forward to media companies to be involved.

Genesee Valley Penny Saver - Testimonials

2014 Commercial spot featuring some of our advertisers. Make lasting local connections with your customers by advertising in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver.

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Genesee Valley Penny Saver - Thank you for making us #1 in NYS

The Genesee Valley Penny saver would like to thank our readers for making us #1 in New York State.

PaperChain Video for SRDS

This is the video we have prepared to put on the SRDS website. It will come up whenever anyone searches for PaperChain or any of our associations.

HammerTime? It's SaverTime!!! Tribute to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This & Power of PennySaver.

Early this year, when we (like everyone else) needed a pick-me-up, we decide to create a video tribute that took PennySaver's internal "SaverTime" slogan and set it to the music of MC Hammer's hit song from 1990, "U Can't Touch This." The Video has been such a hit with our employees that we've decide to share it with a wider audience... you'll see that some of us might not be the best dancers, but we've got heart. :) We'd love to hear what you think about it, but even more importantly, we want to hear what you and others you know are doing to help inspire during these tough times.

Savannah Pennysaver

Power of a Penny


Flip - created at

MFCP Website - Welcome

The mission of MFCP is to improve publications through education, exchanging of ideas and information, while providing an opportunity to participate in programs directed by MFCP.

In the Office


Vesuvio's Video Testimonial for the Moneysaver

Save money: Vesuvio's Pizza in Stuart, FL has been using the Moneysaver with great success! Hear what they have to say in this video testimonial! Remember, be sure to subscribe to our Facebook site: And also check out our blog:

listing of some of the Powerpoint presentations of "A Perspective 101 Series"

Available thru your State or Regional Associations.
Contact your Association for more Information.

Mutimedia Company, The Moneysaver!

Save money: Another Video from the Moneysaver Magaine. Your local Treasure Coast savings magazine. Be sure to drop by our blog at

Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association

A Regional Trade Association

We are the non-profit regional trade association which represents Free Circulation Publishers in 12 southeastern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Free community papers and shoppers have long been an affordable and effective method of advertising, particularly here in the Southeast. These papers have grown in strength and numbers as our region has prospered.

Today we reach over 4 million homes every week, covering the entire southeastern United States and contact over 500 publications.

Moneysaver Web Sites

Save money: Another Video from the Moneysaver Magaine. Your local Treasure Coast savings magazine. Be sure to drop by our blog at

How to Sell Online Advertising.

Presentation for newspaper sales reps that offers basic concept and tools to introduce both print reps and customers to online advertising.

Includes research on results of advertising online, professional and consumer media choices, percent of overall budget to allocate to online, value of a click thru, the loss of not selling available inventory, sell online like an insert, and basic advice for media sales representatives.

Download "howtosellonlineadvertising.pdf"

Moneysaver Dining Coupons

Save money: Another Video from the Moneysaver Magaine. Your local Treasure Coast savings magazine. Be sure to drop by our blog at